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Dog School

- Awards -


Students can earn many awards in different categories just like human students!


Level Certificates

Students must pass their Personal Advancement Works (P.A.W.s) to advance to the next year.  This means passing their P.A.W.s with their owners.

P.A.W. days are the last week of the month.


Dogwarts Diploma 

Proof of completion of all seven years of Dogwarts Curriculum


Letters in all clubs

Your student may letter in each club of which they are a member




5th, 6th, & 7th year students designated by their Head of Doghouse and Headmaster to represent their Doghouse

Requirements: social, friendly, excellent canine language skills


Head Good Boy & Head Good Girl

7th year students designated by the Headmaster to lead the Pawfects

Requirements: social, friendly, excellent canine language skills, confident, leader



A dog who is a role-model (mentor) for other dogs they meet!

There are three levels of dogmentors: bronze, silver, and gold.

See our Dogmentor Program page for more information!

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