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Dog School

- Dogmentors -

Is your dog well behaved and social? Consider Dogwarts' special Dogmentor Program where they can be a role-model for other Dogwarts students!

Dogmentors are selected from Dogwarts students who meet the qualifications by the professors at Dogwarts. There are three ranks of Dogmentors and each rank comes with benefits and discounts!

Volunteering your Dogmentor to help professors train and socialize other dogs at Dogwarts will earn them points towards free school days or boarding! Don’t worry, your dog’s safety is of utmost importance, so they will never be put in a dangerous situation.


Bronze Dogmentor

  • 25% off Day School prices!

Silver Dogmentor

  • 50% off Day School prices!

Gold Dogmentor

  • 75% off Day School prices!!!

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