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Private Training

Don't wait until your dog's bad habit becomes a liability; contact Dogwarts today!

How Private Training Works:

Step 1 - Headmaster Robin Diebold will meet with you for a consultation to discuss grievances and goals, as well as take time to evaluate your dog(s).

Step 2 - The Headmaster will then assign you a professor and a training program will be created just for you and your dog(s). You may request a specific professor.

Step 3 - After forms and payment are completed, training begins! 

Take a look at some example training programs below or SIGN UP HERE!

Mini Manners

A couple of lessons that cover the bare essentials to make life with your dog less of a headache and more enjoyable. No more dislocated arms on walks, upset visitors, or fear of losing your dog in the great outdoors. Don't let those bad behaviors continue to grow until a costly disaster happens!


About 2 Lessons                


Training Included 

Loose Leash Walking, No Jumping, Come, Stay, Drop, Leave it

Proper Manners

Ever seen that one person who runs with their dog right beside them every morning without getting pulled into the street? That could be you. Go from a complete, stressful mess of a dog to one you can be proud of: a dog that sits to greet people, a dog that listens when you call them, a dog that will stay out of the way as you cook in the kitchen and away from the table as you eat, a dog that will walk next to you and ignore the other dogs in the street, the dog you always wanted!


About 6 Lessons

Training Included

Loose Leash Walking, Heel (on-leash), No Jumping, Off, Come, Stay, Place, Drop, Leave it, Touch, Take

Standard Manners

Just picture it: no more embarrassing out-of-control dog that the neighbors whisper about as your dog now walks nicely with you; no more worrying if your dog will grab something dangerous and play keep away with it, but confidence they'll drop it as soon as you ask; and no more fear of Fido charging out the front door into the street, because you know they'll wait patiently inside. You'll have a dog who is content to curl up in their bed as you eat with family instead of begging for scraps.


About 4 Lessons


Training Included 

Loose Leash Walking, No Jumping, Come, Stay, Place, Drop, Leave it, Take it, Touch

Noble Manners

Imagine a perfectly behaved dog in your house, at the park, at a family reunion, hiking in the woods; sitting politely to greet guests and children instead of jumping and barking, waiting politely for your permission to go through the front door, walking right next to you no matter what is happening around you, and listening to what you say - when you say it. This program gives you all the time you and your dog personally need to reach your goals and impress everyone you meet with how amazingly well-behaved, smart, and friendly your dog is!



10-15 Lessons

Training Included 

Loose Leash Walking, Heel (off-leash), No Jumping, Off, Come, Stay, Place, Drop, Leave it, Touch, Take, Hold, work with more distractions, duration, and distance


"We were referred to Robin by South Paw Acres. We had never used a trainer before. We have a sweet spirited Brittany, but she could be very frustrating. Robin taught us how to read our Ivy's temperament and enjoy her more by working with it. We highly recommend her; she can tailor training to your pet."

Ivy M.'s Parents

“After 6 weeks of individualized training with Robin, Merlot went from a fearful rescue dog to one that was learning the skills to truly interact with the world. He became very interested in learning and has made vast strides with his particular fears, such as strangers entering the home and knocking noises. Walking on the leash was one of his more difficult lessons but we got there!

A year after training, continuing to use Robin’s list of experiences and exposures, Merlot is a vibrant and happy pup. He goes on hikes, meets new people, and the time it takes for him to adjust to new dogs and people has decreased dramatically. We practice still almost every day and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

Merlot's Mom

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