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Group Classes

Dogwarts is a school for dogs!

Bring your dog to group classes and learn obedience, social skills, sports, and more with a professional dog trainer. Classes are small so you and your dog receive one-on-one attention! 

Click on a class to learn more about it! 

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"Robin’s class was so helpful for me & my 8-month-old pup! Her instructions were clear & our weekly activities & assignments helped to move us forward toward better manners. It’s clear that training will be an ongoing process, and I have many new strategies for daily activities with my pup. So many 'a-ha!' moments!"

Manners Class Student

"The training provided at Dogwarts certainly helped us teach [Sonic] some important safety commands such as 'leave it' and 'stop' when we want him to stop chasing or when he is running away."

Manners Class Student

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