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Dog School

- Doghouses -

The students of Dogwarts School of Bonecraft and Pup-priety are sorted into four different Doghouses. These Doghouses compete to earn points towards claiming the Doghouse Cup at the end of each school year.

Dogwarts Doghouse Gryffindog shield.png


Colors: Red & Gold


Mythical Dog: the Aralez, a mythical Armenian dog that lives in the sky and has the ability to lick heroes back to life


Traits: Brave, athletic, social, pushy, reckless

Dogwarts Doghouse Slobberin shield.png


Colors: Green & Silver


Mythical Dog: Cerberus, in Greek myth, Hades' guardian dog to the gates of hell, letting none but the dead pass


Traits: Cunning, ambitious, resourceful, pure-bred (although some designer mixes are tolerated), pushy, lazy, or even manipulative

Dogwarts Doghouse Roverclaw shield.png


Colors: Blue & Bright Silver


Mythical Dog: a Church Grim, in English and Scandinavian folklore, a dog buried first in a church graveyard so that it may protect those buried after from evil spirits


Traits: Intelligent, creative, self-sufficient, conscious of grooming, prefer to be alone or in smaller groups.

Dogwarts Doghouse Hufflefluff shield.png


Colors: Yellow Gold & Black


Mythical Dog: the Bul-Gae, from Korean myth, a dog of the dark realm who was sent to fetch the sun and moon but failed, causing eclipses


Traits: Friendly, hard-working, very normal, possibly shy

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