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-A History-

The Castle


The Dogwarts' school building is in the process of appearing in Columbia, MO. Please be patient until it appears!


The school building is located at (to be announced). 

Made from ICF blocks, the school is strong enough to protect your beloved dog from tornadoes while thick enough to quiet those scary fireworks and thunder strikes, giving peace of mind to you and your dog. Not to mention, the super insulating qualities of ICF makes sure your dog remains comfortable all day and all night long!

School Grounds:

The school grounds contain many different fenced-in yards as well as a wooded area for training and exploration in different environments. 

The Pitch: a large, flat, grassy expanse great for running and dog sports.

The Garden: a shady and relaxing retreat with plenty to safely explore.

The Lake: currently flat but will soon contain an in-ground, salt pool for recreation and water sports!

The Forbidden Forest: a non-fenced area, the Forbidden Forest is only for upper year students or those in certain performance clubs.

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