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Dog School

- Curriculum -

Dogwarts is truly a school for dogs.

Canine students here spend much of their time learning new skills and practicing old ones in order to become the best version of themselves. This makes life at home much easier for their parents!


Every new student enrolling at Dogwarts starts as a 1st year regardless of age or past classes.

Students must pass their Personal Advancement Works (P.A.W.s) to advance to the next year. 

This means they must pass their P.A.W.s with their owners.

(P.A.W. days are the last week of the month.)

1st Year

This is Manners year!

Your dog will learn how to play nice with other dogs and perfect their manners when interacting with the human race.


Loose leash walking, no jumping when greeting, get Off, Drop it, Leave it, Quiet



2nd Year

This year focuses on polishing your dogs manners to the point where you will feel comfortable taking them out and about with you!

This includes being polite to strangers, staying calm in crowds of people, and coming when you call them even while they are distracted.


Proper greeting of humans, Come, lie Down, Stand up, Touch hand with nose, Take object



3rd Year

This year at Dogwarts has your dog focusing on conquering self-control, cramped spaces, and close encounters with grace.



Polite passing, Stay, Place (go to bed), Wait where you are, Hold (object in mouth), Bring



4th Year

Time to learn those off-leash skills your dog needs to go hiking, camping, and swimming with you safely. You should be able to proudly take your dog to any place that allows pets!



Off-leash Heel, Front (come & sit), Finish (move around to Heel position), Sit in Motion (dog sits while owner keeps walking), Running Stop



5th Year

In this year, your dog will learn how to listen to you even when they’re super excited, out of sight, or surrounded by distractions.


Reliable Come; Out of sight obedience; Listening while very excited; Obeying around more distractions, from a distance, and for longer.

6th Year

This year teaches your dog how to safely comfort humans who need it. Once you and your student pass 6th year P.A.W.s, you can take the Therapy Dog International test and have an active therapy dog to bring joy to retirement homes, hospital patients, and children! 



Fetch named item, Put away item in designated place, get Up onto surface, move Under table and out of the way, move (paws or body depending on size) into Lap for petting, how to automatically leave dropped food alone



7th Year

Dogwarts' seventh year students study how to help humans even more! A Dogwarts graduate is so much more than just another house pet; they’re a friend, a family member, a loving helper!



Reliable Refusal of food from strangers, operate Light switch, operate Door, fetch human for Help, Defend (stand between owner and unknown person or dog)

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