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Dog School

- Schedule -

School is in session on weekdays with the exception of national holidays, just like human schools.

     8-9AM     Drop-off

   9-10AM     Morning Clubs

 10-11AM     Recess

 11-12PM     Class

   12-2PM     Midday Break

     2-3PM     Class

     3-4PM     Group Walk

     4-5PM     Recess

     5-6PM     After school clubs & Pick-up

Drop-off & Pick-up:

Simply bring your dog and any supplies they may need to the front lobby for drop-off. During pickup, you'll receive a day report and homework with your dog for maintaining their training at home.


These times are breaks for the students to frolic and play or nap as they see fit. Recess is always supervised, so students are sure to learn appropriate social behaviors and not bad habits!


Students learn and practice their club activities twice a day. Please see our Clubs page for more details!


Classes focus on each student's year-goals as well as socialization to new things, group games & obedience, and recall from a group of dogs. Check out our Curriculum page to see what your student will be learning!


Midday Break:

This 2 hour break is for lunch for both students and professors. Each student gets their own bed in their dorm with their lunch (if they brought one) and an edible chew such as a dental stick. After eating, all student are encouraged to nap as quiet instrumental music lulls them to sleep.

Group Walk:

Walking nicely on leash alone can be a challenge for a dog, but at Dogwarts, we go a step beyond: walking nicely on leash in a group. Professors spend this hour every day polishing your dog's leash walking skills.

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